What Movie Did You Watch Recently With Amazing VFX?


The best thing about summers is the amazing blockbuster movies that come out.  Audiences flock to cool A/C movie theatres to beat the summer heat and watch summer blockbusters, which usually have the most amazing visual effects.  I remember seeing Jurassic Park for the first time, which was released during the summer months.  The special effects were breathtaking and left me wondering how they could have possibly done that and that was in the nineties.   Since then visual effects in movies have come a long way.

In recent years, the movie to make headlines was James Cameron’s Avatar, with awe inspiring CGI visual effects.  I remember sitting in the theatre and feeling amazed as the 3D images felt like they were right next to me.   When watching these amazing movies, it will leave most people spellbound and they would have enjoyed the two hours spent watching the movie.  But a few individuals would have become completely captivated by what they saw on screen and a decision would have started forming in their hearts.  The decision to follow a certain career path can come any source, but for those interested in VFX, it might have happened while watching a movie.

Having decided to pursue a career in VDX, you have several options to choose from.  You can become a VFX artist in animations, CGI VFX, VFX artist in video games or film.  Learning to transfer your creative talent onto a digital platform and bringing it to life to create situations and characters that cannot be found in the real world.  You can have the power to transport people to imaginary worlds filled with imaginary characters in situations that only your mind can create.  To develop this skill you will need to invest your time in learning the popular software used in the field.  Your skills and expertise for VFX can be built in the class or program of your choice.  So, enroll in a VFX program and unleash your creative imagination that will stun people into silence.


Start Your Discovery Of Yourself With Music Classes


As I sit here typing this blog, I am listening to music, my favorite songs, because just like most of you, listening to music is very relaxing.  Music helps me tune out the world and escape into my own inner world from where my inspiration and creativity burst forth.   Take music away from me and it will probably feel like death to me, which is a feeling I am sure many can relate to.  Along with me many people listen to music as they go about their daily chores, at work, while driving and even while sleeping, for which there are special nocturnal tunes.

Music is universal, unbound my geography, race or religion.  A true music lover can easily fall in love with music from different areas and in different languages.  Music has the power to expose us to our inner most feelings, bringing forth our vulnerability by moving us to tears or feelings of joy.  Even science can corroborate this now with extensive research which has proven the effect of music on the brain from as early as when we are in our mother’s womb.  The first introduction to music for all babies is the beating of the mother’s heart, similar to a drumbeat, which is why whenever you hear a drum beat, you will find yourself automatically tapping your foot.  This sound takes us back to our primal feelings before we were touched by the world and all its rules, conditions, traditions and customs.

If you allow yourself to truly give in to the music that enters your ears and passes down to your very soul, you will find yourself moving into the depths of your emotions, which might make you cry or laugh with joy.  But you can never experience this magic, if you don’t allow yourself to be become vulnerable to the music that surrounds you.  Start your discovery into music and discover the depths your music classes will allow you to experience, if you are truly courageous enough and open to the feelings that music can inspire in each of us.


Become An Unforgettable Supermodel With Modeling Classes


If you are one of the lucky few, then you have had the good fortune of going to see the exclusive Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  But you are probably amongst the many that have most probably seen this famous fashion show on TV, which runs every year.  Becoming a Victoria Secret model is something many models aspire to be.  Only the best models or supermodels can make it to the runway of this exclusive fashion event.  Aspiring to be a model may be the wish of many but it takes more than looks to make it in this field.  Ask supermodels and they will share their stories of struggle and hard work, which paid off in the end when they finally reached the status of supermodel.

Although, the basic requirement for becoming a model is exquisite beauty with defined eyes, a sharp face structure, defined facial features and a slim and healthy physical appearance, it is your personality, commitment and dedication which will set you apart from your counterparts.  For many years the prevalent norm for models was to be paper thin.  The famous size zero models who looked like they were about to faint, which caused controversies around the world, for they set bad examples for many young women, who strived to reach the same unrealistic physical appearance.  The industry has slowly started to change and place more emphasis on models who are not “paper thin”, but healthy looking while being attractive.

While learning to become what it takes to be a model, one thing a person must never forget is to lose themselves in the process by getting caught up in the glitz, glamour and the sometimes catty competitiveness.  Ask supermodels like Selma Hayek, Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and many more, and they will all tell you the secret to their success was maintaining a healthy lifestyle by dieting and exercise, not starvation, and most importantly hard work and dedication.  As long as you are ready to push yourself during the worst of times, while remembering who you are, you can make it, for there is no such thing as luck.  Luck is simply hard work meeting opportunity when it knocks on your door.  So start by learning the secrets of the runway and being a model by joining a modeling institute or modeling program and then prepare to put in a lot of time and hard work and soon your name can be amongst the top super models.

What Film Is Playing Through Your Head?


Imagine standing amongst lush greenery with a gentle cool breeze blowing by and a light mist floating over the entire area.  As you stand there, you can envision how an entire story can play out in that spot and how the spot is perfect for your story.  Making a film is no easy feat.   It requires immense planning, patience, people skills, leadership skills and a natural pool of creativity pouring out from within to bring to life what you imagine.

The process of making a film starts with finding the perfect story, which in itself is no easy task.  Then comes finding your crew and actors to bring to life your story and finally leading to making a film the audience will fall in love with.  A movie comes to life under the efforts of:

  • Lighting Crew
  • Special Effects
  • Visual Effects
  • Cinematographer
  • Music Director
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Design
  • Actors/Actresses
  • The Director and hundreds more.


The director is the glue that holds everything together on the set.  He/she manages, motivates and guides everyone involved in the making of the film.  Additionally, his/her reservoir of creative talent to envision the big picture along with all the little details is vital to making not just a film, but a good film that resembles his/her vision and also speaks to the hearts of the audience and producers, whose main interest is in seeing a return on their investment.


So, as you stand there amongst the lush greenery surrounded by the sights and smells of nature, ask yourself if you are ready to bring to life the story in your heart/head.  Learning the techniques and building your skill can be easily built once you enroll yourself in a film making class.  Then you can easily develop your understanding and skills by making amateur films with something as simple as your mobile phone.  Enroll in a film making class and start the discovery to your inner creative pool.

Learn To Create Art In Fashion Photo Shoots


When I think of photo shoots, the first image to pop into my head is the movie, The Devil Wears Prada.  The stunning performance of Meryl Streep and also Anne Hathaway’s struggles in the fashion industry are the scenes that run through my mind; as the character of Anne Hathaway develops and she realizes the art behind the fashion in the scene of the urban jungle photo shoot.  As photographers the ability to convey stories through a still image, is a reflection of his/her talent.

A truly talented photographer is one who can center him/herself in just the art of the photo shoot and let the image come to life in front of the camera.  This allows the image captured to be interpreted according to each individual’s moods and feelings.  But it is also the talent of a photographer to capture the mood they want to portray and have it reflected in the photo they shoot.  Some are naturally born with this skill to convey the feelings and moods in the images they shoot.  For those who need to develop this skill, it can easily be learned by joining a photography class and learning to capture images that express stories in a single frame.

While many may believe a photo shoot or the fashion industry is shallow and don’t realize its importance since there are so many problems in the world that need to be addressed.  However, it is art that allows a person to escape the madness and into something beautiful   Being a photographer is a noble profession, and you have the power to follow in the footsteps of other famous fashion photographers such as, Atul Kasbekar, Ellen Von Unwerth or Peter Lindbergh.  Learn to create works of art in your own photo shoots by first enrolling in fashion photography classes and learning the tools and building your skill at capturing images perfectly.  Capture images that will tell a story for years to come.

Larry Crowne, Feng Shui And Interior Designing



I recently watched this Hollywood movie, Larry Crowne, which is a few years old and I was watching it again for the second time.  The story centers around a middle aged man, Larry Crowne, who loses his job, which leaves him losing him home, car and basically turning his whole life upside down.  The main character, played by Tom Hanks, decides to enroll in college, so that he never finds himself in such a desperate position again.  It is during his return to college he befriends a group, who help him “Feng Shui” his living space, brining life back into his home and transforming the look and feel of the whole space.

In the movie, his friend, has a natural taste for interior designing and can easily visualize how to make any space more spacious and pleasant to look at, while following the principles of Feng Shui.  Any aspiring interior designer or student wishing to enter this field, must have heard about Feng Shui, even if they are not experts at it at present.  Transforming a living space and brining life back into people’s lives, is the idea behind Feng Shui.  The energy flowing in to your homes must aid you in your daily living and be filled with positivity or cancel out negativity, at the very least.

To become an interior designer is a position of privilege, as you get to become intimately acquainted with people by working on the spaces they will be living in to experience all the moments in their life.  The questions is not minimizing the amount of stuff you have, but rather how it is placed in your home.  The question of too much or too little is irrelevant.   Having an interior designer plan and execute a style that is perfect for your home can transform not only the physical space, but also bring positive changes in your life.  Becoming an interior designer who has the talent for creating this magic in the lives of people and their living spaces is a truly rewarding career.  Starting out in this career begins with your first step, which is completing your training and getting your title as a certified interior designer.  Then your real journey begins of transforming spaces and lives.

Don’t Learn By Studying. Break It Down Into Tiny Pieces


A couple of years ago the pcb (printed circuit board), blew out in my washing machine.  So, when the washing machine technician told me it would have to be replaced and that it would cost a small fortune, I was shocked and left with no other option other than to pay, since I needed my washing machine.  As many of you know, there is no turning back, once you’ve experienced the luxury of having a washing machine.  So when, six months later, it blew out again, I was outraged because I knew I would have to hand over a small fortune again.  There are so many technicians out there that have very little knowledge about electronics and how they work.  So, their answer to any problem that a customer comes across is to simply replace the entire piece, instead of repairing it.

It seems there is a huge lack of talent and understanding when it comes to electronics and how they work.  Many people, who shift from small villages to the big city, learn the basics and then become electricians who charge outrageous fees for minimal work, which consists always of simply replacing the part.  When it comes to understanding the mechanics of how things work, there is a huge knowledge gap.

But as students pursuing a degree in electronics, this might not concern you, except in the future, when some electrician comes to your home and tries to fool you into paying a large sum for minimal work, which you can probably do yourself, since you have a deeper understanding, than he probably does.  With a degree or certification in electronics you can get jobs easily in telecommunications, instrumentation, manufacturing and aerospace to name a few.

The best part about learning and earning your certification or degree as an electrionics engineer, is that you get to find out how things work. You can take them apart down to the tiniest parts and then assemble it together to build your knowledge with hands on learning.  I know, as a kid, I was always dismantling gadgets around the house and getting in trouble for it, but as electronics students you can call it a learning experience.  So, pursue your options in this explorative area that will build your problem solving and creative thinking skills, while I continue to pay enormous sums to my electrician to fix/replace parts that break down in the many appliances in my house.

Don’t Step Out Of The Home And Fit Into The Man’s World


Although the past 50 years has seen a dramatic change in the role of women in society, women have always been trying to break through the molds set by society.  As women demanded their right to vote, as they shortened the hemlines of their dresses and changed from riding their horse side saddle to astride, women have been slowly breaking through barriers in both small and big ways.  Although the progress of women in society has made leaps and bounds, there is still a far way to go, as the norm mindset has yet to change.

As long as children’s movies, such as Brave or Frozen, continues to teach small girls that a man is not necessary to be happy and to believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams, there is still hope.  The prevalent mindset that a women’s place is still at home, regardless of her high paying IT career, has yet to change.   She still has to come home to make dinner, keep the house tidy and put the children to bed.  Although, men are taking a more active role in the home, in many places in the world this change has yet to happen.  Furthermore, as women step out in the world, they adapt themselves to be successful in the man’s world, thereby losing the very essence of their femininity and heightening their masculine strength.  And in doing so, many women have forgotten or have failed to realize the strength that lies in embracing their femininity, which is as powerful.

Soft, subtle energies have immense power.  Take, for example, water, which has the power to cut through massive rock formations to form beautiful natural wonders such as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon.  The water’s gentle pressures against the rocks over time caused it to break down and give way for the beauty and grandeur that we all can witness today.  Such is the strength of femininity.  Why should we women, alter ourselves and try to be like men in their world.  Rather, with patience and time, we can change the face of the society to become a more loving and peaceful world, rather than trying to embrace the ways and practices of the world as it exists today, full of violence and hatred.  Surely, with so much destruction a gentler, feminine approach might be just what is needed. So, as you go about working in the IT field or as Interior designers, remember to bring yourself into the work which you do and lead by example for the future generations, so that they can witness the power of gentility and the softness of femininity.

Why have you chosen .net as your programming language?


Ask anybody in their 20’s what career path they have chosen and more than likely it will in the IT sector.  You will find many of them studying to be programmers/developers and each one specializing in one of the popular language choices of Java, C++, PHP, .NET, C#.  So, now that you are among the masses of graduates who are all equally competent in the knowledge you hold, how will you differentiate yourself from the competition and land a job as a programmer.

One of the most popular choices following Java, in recent years is .net, which belongs to the Microsoft family, making it the reason for its popularity.  The .net framework depends on programming languages like C#, VB.Net, F# among others.  The reason behind why students choose one language over the other is quite simple. Take a quick survey and you will find the main reason people fell in love with their programming language of choice is that their first introduction to it was pleasant and somehow it was easy to understand for them.  This is the differentiating factor between many java programmers and .net framework developers.

So, as you sit there in your interview, which you worked hard to get, you will most probably be asked why you chose .net as your area of specialization, after having completed your technical round, which hopefully you aced.  When you get to this question, the best route for you to take is to be honest, which will set you apart from others.  Simply explain that you fell in love with the language and it was easy to understand for you.  However, make it clear that you are willing and can learn other languages, should the job require it because being flexible and open to learning is key to any job and a factor in the level of success you will achieve in your career.

Don’t Waste Your Children’s Summer Vacations


What do you think of when you of summer.  I think of summer vacations, bicycling, picnics, beaches, summer foods, camps, big hats and sunglasses.  Summer vacations, as you grow into adulthood means the same thing, but to your children.  Children are the ones who look forward to summer vacations. To them, it means whole days of no studying and only fun, which is why parents, enroll them in all kinds of fun classes for them to explore and learn new things.  And where better to learn than in summer camps.

Learning doesn’t have to end in the summer just because it is summer vacation.  Summer camps are a great way to continue learning while having fun.  Children can spend their summers learning to swim, play a new sport, painting, drawing, crafts and much more.  But the learning doesn’t stop here.  Summer camps teach children the importance of teamwork, leadership and taking responsibility for yourself.  It is a great place for children to come out of their shell and blossom into well rounded individuals by mixing with children from a variety of backgrounds.

The kinds of experiences and memories created in summer camps, will stay with your children for their entire lifetime.  The friendships they will create and the teachers they will meet, who will help them expand their knowledge and skill base with out of the box learning activities, will shape the kind of individuals they will become later in life.    So, once you are done visiting your loved ones, allow your children to create new skills and expose them to different kinds of experiences that will fill them with memories that they will treasure forever.  Enroll your children in a summer camp to continue their education in an unconventional school; a school filled with fun learning.