The Various Acting Roles We Play In Daily Life


Shortly, after we cross over into this world, we learn that we need to smile, when we don’t feel like it to please our parents, teachers, friends etc.  We learn from a young age to deny our feelings so that we can keep the people around us happy, to whom we are dependent on. As we age, we might be lucky to have a few people enter our life with whom we can drop our guard and express everything we feel.  With this select few, we feel free and less burdened since we do not have to pretend or act.  However, playing a role in our lives is not something we can escape from, nor can we escape from expressing emotions we don’t feel for the sake of others, which is probably why so many of us get so emotionally involved in the lives of the characters we see on the big screen.

Although, logically we understand that the movie and the characters the actors are portraying are not real, we get swept away in the drama and laugh and cry with the characters we see in movies.  All the emotion we have repressed come pouring out, as a release vent, when we see these feelings reflected in the lives of these fictitious characters.  This well of emotion and feeling in the depths of our heart and soul can be tapped into and released, which few of us have the opportunity to do so.  As students pursuing your careers in the field of acting, you have the chance to tap into this reservoir of feelings and release them into your characters, thereby unburdening yourself of your repressed emotions, making your life less burdensome.  But this skill of tapping into your own feelings is something you need to learn to do, as you may not know what is hidden deep below your own surface, which is why so many famous actors have stressed the value of acting classes.  In acting classes, you can learn a healthy way of tapping into your feeilngs so that the lives of the characters seem more real and thereby easily relatable to the audience.  Build your skill and unburden yourself on the journey to your walk of fame with acting classes.


The Different Languages Of The World.

Foreign Dictionary Learning Languages Translation

There are more than seven billion people in the world and hundreds of different languages.  But it isn’t just with language that we express our thoughts and feelings.  A person’s facial expressions, body language, hand gestures, all convey messages from surprise, sadness, happiness to anger.  Just spend some time people watching, where you do not listen to the words, but to their tone and their ways of expressions, which animate the message the person is trying to convey.

This is most true, when it comes to Italians.  Italians are the known to be the most expressive people when they communicate.  Learning Italian means learning not just the language, but their way of expression, which includes a lot of hand gestures.  You cannot speak true Italian, until you learn the Italian way of communication, which uses more than just words.  If Italians are the most animated speakers, then the people of France, are known for their language of love, French.  A Frenchman can easily make you swoon with their smooth and velvety way of speech.  Understanding is of no consequence, as the language is known for its seductive quality.

Languages give us the ability to express our thoughts and the wide range of emotions we feel.  Therefore, the reasons we take up trying to learn a new language can be different for everyone.  Some learn a new language for better career prospects, while others simply have a thirst for learning a new language.  Regardless of the reasons you choose to learn a new language, the personal benefits are many.  Learning new languages heightens and awakens dormant parts of the brain.  You become more aware and develop a deeper understanding of the different kinds of people that exist in the world; their lives, their customs, culture, etc.  So, broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge and understanding of the world around you, which will also help you realize more about your own character and learn a new language.  Choose a language which you have been curious about and enroll in the one of the many language classes around the city.

Concerned With Losing Your Job? Step Into The Field Of Banking


When I was a young boy, my mom dad took me to the neighborhood bank to open my own particular children’s account. I was given a passbook and a debit card and clarified the significance of profiting, which as an little one of ten years, I didn’t actually make out, till a few years after the fact. As, I became more seasoned, the bank changed my children’s account into an saving account, then it turned into my salary account, where my month to month pay was stored. I have held the same account and debit card for each one of these years.

Banks, in some form, have existed for as long as money has existed throughout the history of mankind.  When the banking system became automated, the bank workers feared losing their jobs and resisted the changeover.  However, only a few percentage of jobs were lost, in comparison to the fear that prevailed.  For every recession that has hit, the banking sector has survived.  Entering into the banking profession can assure you the same kind of security as a government job.  However, if you are not skilled in numbers, organized, have excellent math and computer skills, then entering into this profession can be difficult.

Working with money, means working with the people who handle the money as well. Therefore, you must like working with people and have excellent customer service skills. You will be a part of pivotal moments in a person’s life.  You will have customers applying for mortgages for buying their first home, or opening savings accounts for their children to pension plan schemes.  Moreover, with the recent increase in people investing in the stock market, you will also be advising people on investment plans and schemes.

So, before entering into this rewarding career you need to pass the banking exams to get your certification.  Enroll yourself in a banking certification class and start a career that will never be the same and where you will be a part of people’s most memorable moments in life.  And of course, you must enjoy working with money and numbers, which are the most basic requirements.

Film Making As Magical As Baahubali At SeamEdu


The best part about watching blockbuster movies, like the recently released Baahubali 2, is seeing the first show on the first day on the big screen. The magic of the audience combined with the magic of the movie, is a feeling that simply can’t be replaced by watching it at home on your TV.  I recently watched Baahubali 2, along with millions of other people around the world and fell in love with the characters and the movie.  It wasn’t simply the acting, sets, graphics or story that made me fall in love with this movie but all these things combined, which dragged you into their world and left you dazed when the movie ended three hours later.

The thing I loved most about the movie, along with countless others, was the genuineness of the characters of ancient times.  The kind of raw masculinity displayed in the movie combined beautifully with the softness of femininity made you fall in love with the characters.  The display of feminine strength combined with the gentleness of the females made you realize the true meaning of the word Woman Power, which unfortunately many of us have forgotten today.  The same can be said for the raw strength of masculine energy, which Baahubali displayed, combined with the gentleness and softness he portrayed with the women in his life that he loved, is something the men of present day know very little about.  The director was able to tap into the innocence and sincerity of the ancient times to tell a story beautifully woven together with modern graphics and visual effects that made the movie appealing to all age groups.  There were those who were attracted to the beautiful story, the group who was there for the stunning visual effects and finally the individuals there for the action in the movie, of which there was plenty.

The combination of all these elements is what made the movies, Baahubali 1 and 2 blockbusters.  The vision, creativity, skills and talent needed to bring together such a movie can only happen under a gifted director. Film making is something anybody can learn to do. But making great movies is not something that can be taught. It can be developed, along with your passion, which will propel the need to learn and develop the skill, unless you are one of the gifted few individuals who are born with this talent.  Regardless of whether this is a natural or developed talent, learning to make great films is something that requires dedication, sincerity and a great school with an outstanding program that can teach you everything you need to know so that you can become and make great films such as the recently released, S. S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali.


What Was The First Bug Found By Software Testing?


The first computer bug to be found was in September 1947.  You will be surprised to know that the term bug was termed with the discovery of this bug, a moth, which was stuck in the machine.  The role of a software tester can lead to either making or breaking a company.  There are several examples in history of companies losing millions of dollars simply because something as simple as a “-“ was missing from a program.  Failures in proper testing does not just lead to loss of money but loss of lives also.  For example, when car brakes are not tested properly and it leads to the loss of life.  The job of being a tester is no small task and it is a job you can take pride in, knowing that your ability to adequately test the software will result in either success or failure.

If you are wondering what kind of field you should enter into whether it is your first job or you are looking at switching jobs, then take the time to weigh your talents and skills to see if you can be proficient in software testing.    If you are a person who has a keen eye for detail and is meticulous in carrying out the smallest task with perfection, then the skills needed to become a software tester will naturally fall in line for you.  Your role as a tester is so important that there is even a world Software Tester day, September 9th, the day the first bug was discovered.

So the next time you hear of a company losing millions or a car or satellite crash because of a slight error that was not caught by the quality testers of that company, remember that could be you if you do not take your role seriously and completely dedicate yourself to the task, sincerely.  Take the necessary steps to learn and develop the skills to become an expert software tester because, while the number of testers are many, the number of talented and skilled testers are few.  So, take advantage of the lag in this field and build your skills and watch your earnings soar as a software tester.

Get The Riches You’ve Dreamed Of With A Career In IT

Young and happy urban people having fun with digital tablet

The prevalent dream in most of young India today is to live a rich and luxurious life that allows them to fulfill all their wildest dreams.  Just take a walk into the heart of any metropolitan city and you will find a hip and rising urban crowd, dressed from head to toe in the latest fashions and having in possession the latest gadgets.  Most of this rising population, works in the IT sector.  Having a job in India today in the IT sector increases you chances of living it up in a way the previous generation could not have even imagined.

I recently went shopping in Phoenix mall, which houses a majority of the high end retail outlets.  As soon as you enter this mall, you will feel like you are no longer in India.  The mall is filled with shops from around the world and with people dressed in fashions that cost a tiny fortune. But to this urban crowd, who mostly work in IT, they don’t think twice about dropping 10k easily and purchasing clothes, shoes, watches, gadgets from around the world.  They spend their days working hard in the IT field as programmers, database architects, software testers, etc. and during the weekend they enjoy their life to the fullest.

Even in my residential neighborhood there is an area which has a few of the major IT companies and after 6 pm, this group of IT workers enjoy the nightlife by eating and drinking in some of the fanciest restaurants in the area.  It doesn’t matter if it is a working day or a weekend, the night life is always buzzing with activity in my neighborhood.

So, if you find yourself with dreams of making big money and living a similar rich lifestyle, earning your degree or certifications in the IT field will definitely increase your chances of making your dreams come true.  Take your life in your hands and make your dreams of travel, fashion and luxury goods a reality, by starting a career in the IT field.

When Is The Right Time To Learn Meditation


It seems that the prevalent thought in the minds of people is that meditation is for old people.  Perhaps this idea came into existence because a person never ponders the meaning of their life, till they start approaching the end.  The only question that enters my mind when I hear people make this statement is why do you want to wait till the end to discover the meaning to your life.  Why not discover the meaning during your youth so that as you approach old age, you can age peacefully with the comfort of knowing you have a lived a rich and full life.

There are a thousand mysteries in the universe that we know nothing about and this lack of knowledge makes no difference in our daily life. However, if you were to discover one of the answers to the many mysteries that exist, you would most likely feel grateful for having the knowledge that nobody has had the privilege to discover, making your life all that more special and meaningful. The same can be said about meditation.  Until and unless you try it and start to discover yourself, you will never realize the colors that were missing in your life.

While, it is true, as many enlightened masters such as Buddha have stated, that the path into your inner self if riddled with obstacles and difficulties, the light at the end of each tunnel of hurdle, is filled with such brightness, that it gives you the courage to boldly take the next step and encounter the next hurdle on the journey to discovering yourself.  And as you shed each layer to becoming pure and innocent, a new color is added to your black and white life, which you never knew existed.  So, instead of running after your latest crush, money, power or prestige, why not run into yourself by learning meditation and discover what you have forgotten; your innocence and happiness, which we all have the right to and privilege to discover once again.

Traditional Sculpting Vs. Digital Sculpting


The only constant thing in life is Change.  Nothing in life remains the same, including you.  Every moment you are in a state of changing, shedding old skin cells, releasing toxins from your systems, and breathing in new fresh air and exhaling the old.  Take a look at nature and you will find it is also in a state of constant change.  A river, for example, is always in a state of flux. You can never step into the same river twice, as the water is never the same; water flows, river levels change, the temperature of the water changes.   Nothing in life is the same.  Everything changes.  The old dies to make way for the new and all we can do is embrace the new and hope it leads us to somewhere better.

The greatest sculptors of our times, like, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, have created timeless sculptures, which stand even today, as a testament to their talent.  While these great sculptors might have tried to create perfect renditions, it was the imperfections which made their creations masterpieces and made them legends in their art.  Working with the clay beneath your fingers, getting lost in the texture and the feel of the cool damp clay as you manipulate it and transform it into a work of art, is what makes artists passionate about the work they do.  So, what makes artists switch to becoming digital sculptors?  The answer rests in the rule of life, which is that everything changes eventually and embracing the change is what life is all about.

An artist can learn to transfer their talent onto the digital platform, just as they learned to transfer what was in their imaginations into reality.  Learning to use software, like Blender to create life like3D animations, such as those used in video games and in films, is similar to learning to use traditional sculpting tools.  Of course, the steps to undo a mistake made on the digital platform are as easy as the simple click of a button, versus the artists starting over by removing the imperfection from their clay model.  The final product in both cases is, the sculpture with imperfections created digitally vs imperfections which occurred naturally, both crafted and brought to life by sculptors.  So, while we may not have any famous digital sculptors today, similar to great artists of the past, the future will most likely reveal who the masters of digital sculpting are.

Which Book Are You Reading – EBook Or Print?


If you are like me, then you are just a low to medium user of anything technology related.  When the first eBooks started coming out on Kindle, for example, I thought, how can you read a book on a screen?  The feel of a book in your hand, the smell of the pages, as you sit down on a lazy afternoon and get lost between the pages, in the lives of the characters and the emotional rollercoaster, are things that make reading enjoyable.  An eBook read on a tablet or device, how can that even come close to the real experience of a book in your hand?

Then one day, I read my first eBook on my iPad.  There has been no turning back since then, which was two years ago.  I have read about 150 books on my iPad and the cost doesn’t even compare.  I read all these books for a fraction of the cost and some were even free.  While, there are times I miss the feel of a book in my hands, I must confess I am a digital eBook lover.  I have read more books on my iPad, than I have ever read in my life, simply because of the convenience of downloading a book whenever I get the urge to read.  It’s so simple.  Plus, I also feel like I am doing my part, even if it is only a little, by not buying paper books, which saves paper, thereby trees.  The best thing about eBooks is that even during power outages or at night, you can continue reading because of the built in light in the screen.

EBooks have a come a long way over the past few years.  Now, you can download the songs in the storyline, connect to the author’s webpage, have graphics and animations, all of which enhance your reading experience.  For those joining the field of IT, building your skills as an eBook developer can be a fun skill set to have.  Not only are you transferring the print form onto a digital platform but enhancing the readers experience by adding the above mentioned plus points.  So, add to your skill set by joining a course on developing digital eBooks and learn something new in the ever changing field of technology.

Be Careful What You Absorb In Massage Therapy


Imagine your body turning into jelly or feeling like jelly because you are in such a relaxed state, you become two dimensional; just gliding along. Have you experienced such a state?  I’m not talking about anything spiritual or meditative states. In fact, achieving this level of relaxedness isn’t even in your hands.  It is in the hands of your masseur, who hopefully is extremely skilled at making you turn into putty under their expert hands, working up and down your body.


As this industry starts to boom, and more people seek out alternative methods, it becomes important that as a masseur entering this field, you take the responsibility seriously and develop all the skills necessary.  As a masseur working with people intimately, you need to have a good understanding of people, their psychology, their emotions and energy.  When you give massages, whether you are aware of it or not, you are passing on your energy into their bodies and releasing toxins in the form of blocked or negative energies.  So it is a double edged sword for you, the masseur.  Not only do you need to be in a calm, relaxed and empty state of mind, you need to make sure you do not absorb the client’s negative energies, which you will be releasing.


Learning to become a massage therapist can be easily done in a course/program offering you the specifics of giving a massage, but in order to be a skilled masseur, you need to develop the skill to become empty and place yourself in state of calm and peace.  If you ask anybody who has had a massage, most will tell you that some massages were great, while others were not so good. The difference lies solely in the hands of the masseur.  If you can put yourself in that state of inner calm, then the energy that pours out your fingers as you release built up tensions in the client’s body gets replaced by the calming energy you pour into them.  So, as you learn about spa therapies and massage therapies in your program, take the time to learn how to cleanse yourself with some meditation or pranayama, as this is what will help you build a reputation in the industry as the best masseuse, which will have clients demanding you and you only.