Foreign Dictionary Learning Languages Translation

There are more than seven billion people in the world and hundreds of different languages.  But it isn’t just with language that we express our thoughts and feelings.  A person’s facial expressions, body language, hand gestures, all convey messages from surprise, sadness, happiness to anger.  Just spend some time people watching, where you do not listen to the words, but to their tone and their ways of expressions, which animate the message the person is trying to convey.

This is most true, when it comes to Italians.  Italians are the known to be the most expressive people when they communicate.  Learning Italian means learning not just the language, but their way of expression, which includes a lot of hand gestures.  You cannot speak true Italian, until you learn the Italian way of communication, which uses more than just words.  If Italians are the most animated speakers, then the people of France, are known for their language of love, French.  A Frenchman can easily make you swoon with their smooth and velvety way of speech.  Understanding is of no consequence, as the language is known for its seductive quality.

Languages give us the ability to express our thoughts and the wide range of emotions we feel.  Therefore, the reasons we take up trying to learn a new language can be different for everyone.  Some learn a new language for better career prospects, while others simply have a thirst for learning a new language.  Regardless of the reasons you choose to learn a new language, the personal benefits are many.  Learning new languages heightens and awakens dormant parts of the brain.  You become more aware and develop a deeper understanding of the different kinds of people that exist in the world; their lives, their customs, culture, etc.  So, broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge and understanding of the world around you, which will also help you realize more about your own character and learn a new language.  Choose a language which you have been curious about and enroll in the one of the many language classes around the city.


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