When I was a young boy, my mom dad took me to the neighborhood bank to open my own particular children’s account. I was given a passbook and a debit card and clarified the significance of profiting, which as an little one of ten years, I didn’t actually make out, till a few years after the fact. As, I became more seasoned, the bank changed my children’s account into an saving account, then it turned into my salary account, where my month to month pay was stored. I have held the same account and debit card for each one of these years.

Banks, in some form, have existed for as long as money has existed throughout the history of mankind.  When the banking system became automated, the bank workers feared losing their jobs and resisted the changeover.  However, only a few percentage of jobs were lost, in comparison to the fear that prevailed.  For every recession that has hit, the banking sector has survived.  Entering into the banking profession can assure you the same kind of security as a government job.  However, if you are not skilled in numbers, organized, have excellent math and computer skills, then entering into this profession can be difficult.

Working with money, means working with the people who handle the money as well. Therefore, you must like working with people and have excellent customer service skills. You will be a part of pivotal moments in a person’s life.  You will have customers applying for mortgages for buying their first home, or opening savings accounts for their children to pension plan schemes.  Moreover, with the recent increase in people investing in the stock market, you will also be advising people on investment plans and schemes.

So, before entering into this rewarding career you need to pass the banking exams to get your certification.  Enroll yourself in a banking certification class and start a career that will never be the same and where you will be a part of people’s most memorable moments in life.  And of course, you must enjoy working with money and numbers, which are the most basic requirements.


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