Young and happy urban people having fun with digital tablet

The prevalent dream in most of young India today is to live a rich and luxurious life that allows them to fulfill all their wildest dreams.  Just take a walk into the heart of any metropolitan city and you will find a hip and rising urban crowd, dressed from head to toe in the latest fashions and having in possession the latest gadgets.  Most of this rising population, works in the IT sector.  Having a job in India today in the IT sector increases you chances of living it up in a way the previous generation could not have even imagined.

I recently went shopping in Phoenix mall, which houses a majority of the high end retail outlets.  As soon as you enter this mall, you will feel like you are no longer in India.  The mall is filled with shops from around the world and with people dressed in fashions that cost a tiny fortune. But to this urban crowd, who mostly work in IT, they don’t think twice about dropping 10k easily and purchasing clothes, shoes, watches, gadgets from around the world.  They spend their days working hard in the IT field as programmers, database architects, software testers, etc. and during the weekend they enjoy their life to the fullest.

Even in my residential neighborhood there is an area which has a few of the major IT companies and after 6 pm, this group of IT workers enjoy the nightlife by eating and drinking in some of the fanciest restaurants in the area.  It doesn’t matter if it is a working day or a weekend, the night life is always buzzing with activity in my neighborhood.

So, if you find yourself with dreams of making big money and living a similar rich lifestyle, earning your degree or certifications in the IT field will definitely increase your chances of making your dreams come true.  Take your life in your hands and make your dreams of travel, fashion and luxury goods a reality, by starting a career in the IT field.


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