If you are like me, then you are just a low to medium user of anything technology related.  When the first eBooks started coming out on Kindle, for example, I thought, how can you read a book on a screen?  The feel of a book in your hand, the smell of the pages, as you sit down on a lazy afternoon and get lost between the pages, in the lives of the characters and the emotional rollercoaster, are things that make reading enjoyable.  An eBook read on a tablet or device, how can that even come close to the real experience of a book in your hand?

Then one day, I read my first eBook on my iPad.  There has been no turning back since then, which was two years ago.  I have read about 150 books on my iPad and the cost doesn’t even compare.  I read all these books for a fraction of the cost and some were even free.  While, there are times I miss the feel of a book in my hands, I must confess I am a digital eBook lover.  I have read more books on my iPad, than I have ever read in my life, simply because of the convenience of downloading a book whenever I get the urge to read.  It’s so simple.  Plus, I also feel like I am doing my part, even if it is only a little, by not buying paper books, which saves paper, thereby trees.  The best thing about eBooks is that even during power outages or at night, you can continue reading because of the built in light in the screen.

EBooks have a come a long way over the past few years.  Now, you can download the songs in the storyline, connect to the author’s webpage, have graphics and animations, all of which enhance your reading experience.  For those joining the field of IT, building your skills as an eBook developer can be a fun skill set to have.  Not only are you transferring the print form onto a digital platform but enhancing the readers experience by adding the above mentioned plus points.  So, add to your skill set by joining a course on developing digital eBooks and learn something new in the ever changing field of technology.


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