As I sit here typing this blog, I am listening to music, my favorite songs, because just like most of you, listening to music is very relaxing.  Music helps me tune out the world and escape into my own inner world from where my inspiration and creativity burst forth.   Take music away from me and it will probably feel like death to me, which is a feeling I am sure many can relate to.  Along with me many people listen to music as they go about their daily chores, at work, while driving and even while sleeping, for which there are special nocturnal tunes.

Music is universal, unbound my geography, race or religion.  A true music lover can easily fall in love with music from different areas and in different languages.  Music has the power to expose us to our inner most feelings, bringing forth our vulnerability by moving us to tears or feelings of joy.  Even science can corroborate this now with extensive research which has proven the effect of music on the brain from as early as when we are in our mother’s womb.  The first introduction to music for all babies is the beating of the mother’s heart, similar to a drumbeat, which is why whenever you hear a drum beat, you will find yourself automatically tapping your foot.  This sound takes us back to our primal feelings before we were touched by the world and all its rules, conditions, traditions and customs.

If you allow yourself to truly give in to the music that enters your ears and passes down to your very soul, you will find yourself moving into the depths of your emotions, which might make you cry or laugh with joy.  But you can never experience this magic, if you don’t allow yourself to be become vulnerable to the music that surrounds you.  Start your discovery into music and discover the depths your music classes will allow you to experience, if you are truly courageous enough and open to the feelings that music can inspire in each of us.



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