Imagine standing amongst lush greenery with a gentle cool breeze blowing by and a light mist floating over the entire area.  As you stand there, you can envision how an entire story can play out in that spot and how the spot is perfect for your story.  Making a film is no easy feat.   It requires immense planning, patience, people skills, leadership skills and a natural pool of creativity pouring out from within to bring to life what you imagine.

The process of making a film starts with finding the perfect story, which in itself is no easy task.  Then comes finding your crew and actors to bring to life your story and finally leading to making a film the audience will fall in love with.  A movie comes to life under the efforts of:

  • Lighting Crew
  • Special Effects
  • Visual Effects
  • Cinematographer
  • Music Director
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Design
  • Actors/Actresses
  • The Director and hundreds more.


The director is the glue that holds everything together on the set.  He/she manages, motivates and guides everyone involved in the making of the film.  Additionally, his/her reservoir of creative talent to envision the big picture along with all the little details is vital to making not just a film, but a good film that resembles his/her vision and also speaks to the hearts of the audience and producers, whose main interest is in seeing a return on their investment.


So, as you stand there amongst the lush greenery surrounded by the sights and smells of nature, ask yourself if you are ready to bring to life the story in your heart/head.  Learning the techniques and building your skill can be easily built once you enroll yourself in a film making class.  Then you can easily develop your understanding and skills by making amateur films with something as simple as your mobile phone.  Enroll in a film making class and start the discovery to your inner creative pool.


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