I recently watched this Hollywood movie, Larry Crowne, which is a few years old and I was watching it again for the second time.  The story centers around a middle aged man, Larry Crowne, who loses his job, which leaves him losing him home, car and basically turning his whole life upside down.  The main character, played by Tom Hanks, decides to enroll in college, so that he never finds himself in such a desperate position again.  It is during his return to college he befriends a group, who help him “Feng Shui” his living space, brining life back into his home and transforming the look and feel of the whole space.

In the movie, his friend, has a natural taste for interior designing and can easily visualize how to make any space more spacious and pleasant to look at, while following the principles of Feng Shui.  Any aspiring interior designer or student wishing to enter this field, must have heard about Feng Shui, even if they are not experts at it at present.  Transforming a living space and brining life back into people’s lives, is the idea behind Feng Shui.  The energy flowing in to your homes must aid you in your daily living and be filled with positivity or cancel out negativity, at the very least.

To become an interior designer is a position of privilege, as you get to become intimately acquainted with people by working on the spaces they will be living in to experience all the moments in their life.  The questions is not minimizing the amount of stuff you have, but rather how it is placed in your home.  The question of too much or too little is irrelevant.   Having an interior designer plan and execute a style that is perfect for your home can transform not only the physical space, but also bring positive changes in your life.  Becoming an interior designer who has the talent for creating this magic in the lives of people and their living spaces is a truly rewarding career.  Starting out in this career begins with your first step, which is completing your training and getting your title as a certified interior designer.  Then your real journey begins of transforming spaces and lives.


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