Ask anybody in their 20’s what career path they have chosen and more than likely it will in the IT sector.  You will find many of them studying to be programmers/developers and each one specializing in one of the popular language choices of Java, C++, PHP, .NET, C#.  So, now that you are among the masses of graduates who are all equally competent in the knowledge you hold, how will you differentiate yourself from the competition and land a job as a programmer.

One of the most popular choices following Java, in recent years is .net, which belongs to the Microsoft family, making it the reason for its popularity.  The .net framework depends on programming languages like C#, VB.Net, F# among others.  The reason behind why students choose one language over the other is quite simple. Take a quick survey and you will find the main reason people fell in love with their programming language of choice is that their first introduction to it was pleasant and somehow it was easy to understand for them.  This is the differentiating factor between many java programmers and .net framework developers.

So, as you sit there in your interview, which you worked hard to get, you will most probably be asked why you chose .net as your area of specialization, after having completed your technical round, which hopefully you aced.  When you get to this question, the best route for you to take is to be honest, which will set you apart from others.  Simply explain that you fell in love with the language and it was easy to understand for you.  However, make it clear that you are willing and can learn other languages, should the job require it because being flexible and open to learning is key to any job and a factor in the level of success you will achieve in your career.


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