As our college life comes to an end and we need to start looking seriously at what we are going to do with our lives, a certain fear about the future sets it.  What kind of career am I going to get into? This is the questions most soon to be graduates have on their mind.  It is only after this question mark is answered, do they think about the next phase of their life; their personal life.  So, with everyone going into the IT field as hardware/software developers or software testing and the myriad of other fields in IT, what kind of field do you want to enter into?

A few years ago, a friend of mine faced the same dilemma and I suggested she start working as a database administrator.  With the amount of data being collected and available, this sector is hot and you can comfortably have a secure career, as a DBA, which will be financially rewarding as well.  It may not sound exciting, working with huge volumes of data and numbers, but if you are a person who has an eye for detail, is organized and loves to sort and analyze volumes of information before you, this is the perfect field for you.   DBA’S, like my friend, are in hot demand and spending a few years absorbing and learning everything about your job, can give you the kind of experience and knowledge that will have companies knocking on your door, trying to recruit you.

So, if you are a about to graduate or simply looking at changing your field and want something new to enter into, enroll yourself in an Oracle certification or SQL certification course.  Becoming certified as a DBA will be the first step to starting on the right path to achieving your career goals.  Then once you’re settled in your career as a DBA, you can start thinking about the next phase of life, your marriage, kids, mortgage, etc.  Enjoy life to the fullest by securing your financial freedom with a career as a DBA.


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