When I was in high school, we had career and personal planning seminar classes, where we were taught everything we needed to know about attending interviews, dressing for success, resume writing and other relevant topics.  It was in one of these sessions where I learned how to dress professionally to create a lasting first impression.  Today, you can turn on the TV and find a dozen makeover shows, such as What Not To Wear With Trinny & Susannah or Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style, where you can learn about how to dress in style.  Creating the best first impression has become increasingly popular and more people have started realizing how much your image says about you, before you even speak a word.

Regardless of whether you are a college student going for his/her first interview or a working professional attending a business meeting, the image you portray will convey messages before you speak  a single word.  Therefore, the silent message you send needs to portray you in the best light possible.  Your dressing style and body language will either reflect a confident and friendly individual or not.  This first impression becomes vital in your career, as those initial few seconds will stay longer in the minds of the people.  It won’t matter if subsequent meetings are flawed, as the person will excuse it as perhaps, you having a bad day. But if the first impression isn’t positive, then correcting the image branded on the person’s mind will become that much more difficult.

So, before attending your interview or an important business meeting, take the time and prepare by attending classes designed to teach you about image management.   It is simply a method to reflect outwardly the brilliant you that exists on the inside.  Let your confidence shine through in your image and speech after completing your image makeover course.


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