When I think of artists, I remember movies where the characters dreamed of sitting in a café in Paris or another equally glamorous European city, with their sketch pad before them sketching the scene before them.  The portfolio of this individual would land them jobs in perhaps advertising, marketing or some other print media.  Today, however, as graphic designers, it isn’t a sketch pad in front of you, but perhaps your tablet or ipad, where you sketch with your stylus.  And this digital portfolio, which you can showcase online, will be what opens doors for you in the field of graphic design.

As graphic designers, you can choose to start your career in varying areas such as:

Flash Designers – create interactive online content, advertisement, games, etc on websites and social media platforms.

Email Marketers – designing attractive email marketing graphics/infographics aimed at inducing the user to take action.

UX Design – creating website designs, which will give the end user a pleasant experience while navigating through the site.

Mobile Designer – as web traffic through mobile devices increases, the need for attractive mobile site designs that are user friendly, has increased simultaneously.

Multimedia Artist – a glamorous role, where you will be responsible for creating animations for video games, movies, commercials, etc.

Art/Creative Director – With some experience under your belt, you can move into senior positions, overseeing, style and layout in magazines, products, movies, etc.

As you are already aware of your artistic talents, you simply need to build your knowledge to become an expert at using Photoshop or Illustrator, for example, to create your stunning designs.  Enrolling in a graphic design certification program will give you the skills needed to enter into this field, which can be financially rewarding, while you get to be one of the few who gets to earn money doing what they love, which is art.


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