Every time there is a change in the way something is traditionally done, there is bound to be some resistance.  When learning first went online, I didn’t understand how that would work and it didn’t seem like a good idea to me.  I remember sitting in classrooms, listening to boring lectures from teachers and then writing exams with my little chits to cheat from.  So theoretically, my first thought was, learning online would make cheating so easy?   But, having done many online courses now, I now know the benefits of learning from the comforts of your home and learning at your pace with no cheating!


Anybody can take a course online today for just about anything.  You can take a professional course, get your technical certifications or join hobby classes like music or painting.  Taking a course online can have the same results as learning in a classroom, with the added comfort of learning from your home, perhaps even in your pajamas.  The most obvious benefit is the fact that you don’t need to make the extra time to travel to the class, saving you time and the money spent on transportation.  Moreover, learning online isn’t confined to just lectures from teachers/professors.  With so many technological advances, online courses have gone through dramatic changes and changed the way a person can learn.  With the usage of videos, graphics, interactive games, interactive modules and much more, learning is no longer about listening to lectures hours on end.


Many companies today have also embraced online learning.  Professionals no longer need to be gathered and placed in a room in order to learn about the latest advancements in their field.  Training managers now have started to opt for online or e-learning modules for their employees, who are already busy with their hectic workloads.  The tension and hurdles faced by trying to manage everyone’s schedule is a headache of the past.  Now employees are simply sent an email with a link to their online courses to take and complete in their own time, which is a relief to both the management and the employee.


So, instead of spending your evenings or weekends lounging in front of your TV, why not be productive and increase your knowledge or develop a new skill, all without leaving the comforts of home.  Join an online class and learn something new to improve your career prospects, change jobs or just learn a new hobby.  Take advantage of what technology has to offer by learning from the screen in front of you.


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