You’ve decided to become a java programmer and found a certification course to enroll in, which is the first step to realizing your goal of becoming a software developer.  But have you thought about how you will accomplish your goal of becoming a Java Programmer?  What will you need to do to set yourself apart from the thousands of others freshers and experienced programmers in the field?  Having the same programming knowledge similar to the thousands of graduates will not be enough.

As a fresh graduate, landing your dream job as a software developer can be difficult.  A simple way to set yourself apart from the competition is to work on open source projects or a portfolio of personal projects to show the prospective employer.  Even simple projects will allow the employer to gauge your talent and potential.  As a fresher, your most attractive selling point will be your potential.

The second most important feature you can have working for you is your level of enthusiasm and openness. Display an enthusiasm for learning new languages and frameworks.  Distinguish yourself by expressing an interest to learn new languages, should the job require it, making you more attractive to the hiring manager.  This display of enthusiasm and openness will show your future employer your ability to be flexible to the changing nature of the job.

An additional skill you can equip yourself with is learning to document.  As a programmer, learn to create your own documentation, which will be understandable to the management, who might be non-techies.  This will make you a favorite among management as the person who can explain the technical things in layman terms, without using complicated terms or weaving stories to them.

Last, but not least, you must have the basic fundamental knowledge about programming. You should be able to write more than a few lines of code, since this will be the most basic job requirement.  So, start your Java programming course and start preparing for your job also during your formal education so that when it comes time to start job hunting you are more prepared than your competition.



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