While, sitting in front of the TV or in front of your computer screen and playing your video game, have you ever thought about the amazing graphics or design of the game?  Somewhere during the design and development of the game, an engineer came up the models that would become part of the final product.  Furthermore, somewhere during the beginning of his/her schooling and career he/she learned autocad.  Autocad is a software that is well known among engineers and architects and can easily become your best friend in the field of design and engineering.   Both my spouse and my friend had learned this software while pursuing their degrees in college; my spouse, the engineer and my friend, the architect.

Autocad is a comprehensive design and drafting software that is easy to use with simplified tools  and saves the valuable time of the end user by easily creating blueprints and designs, that would have normally taken hours by hand.  It is the basics for anyone starting as a designer or drafter in any engineering or architectural field.    Also, since it is time saving, it allows the user the opportunity to focus their energies on aspects of their work.

While there are more complex software tools in the market, autocad is a fundamental must for everyone starting their career.  Creating 2D and 3D renderings of your designs and models is like a child’s playground for engineers, which allows your imagination to soar to new heights.  Equip yourself with the skills needed to be successful in your career by learning how to use the software, which will become your new best friend, in the field of engineering and design.


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