I have many friends who love sitting by roadside café’s with their coffee and just watching the people pass by.  It’s called people watching.  I have a friend who has a dream of one day going to France and sitting in one of those little French café’s, doing exactly this, watching the world go by, with her coffee in hand.  Many of us spend a significant portion of our time watching the lives of others.  In fact, whenever we find ourselves sad or angry, we are more than ready to point the finger at the other person and blame them.  It is very rare that you will come across a person who will stop to reflect to see how they contributed to the difficult or stressful situation.  This rare person is what we call an emotionally intelligent person.

The topic of emotional intelligence, has gained momentum and risen in popularity ever since Daniel Goleman, published his book during the late 90’s.  Emotional intelligence is simply being aware of, controlling and expressing one’s own emotions, feelings and thoughts. It is a topic that, once studied and learned, it can drastically alter a person’s life for the better.  Many of us at one point or another, felt like our lives were not in our hands or control.  We often set goals for ourselves and find ourselves falling short of meeting our own goals and expectations, which results in us being angry either at ourselves or those around us. But by learning [Personality Development Classes]about emotional intelligence, you will discover that the first step to being in control of your life, is to firstly be in control of your responses.

By mastering key elements, offered in the courses, you will easily start to see a visible change in your life. The choice change your life has always been in your hands, but you were simply unaware. Empower yourself with the knowledge to change your life by learning how to become emotionally intelligent masters.


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