What do the organizations do to promote their businesses? We all know its the marketing behind every publicity activity, whether it is advertising, campaigning, promotion on social media or any other strategy. Marketing itself is a huge scope which consists of many strategies and sub activities creating a huge impact on company’s growth. Many people do not know much about marketing. They have few impressions in their mind like marketing relates to door to door activity of selling of products or some similar things. Which is false.


It is a crucial function to success in modern global economy. It can be understood in detail or one can enter in this field by understanding the concepts of marketing thoroughly. Students who study marketing as a subject are familiar with the words such as marketing strategy, market research, pricing, integrated marketing, communication, social media etc.


Today’s marketers spend millions on Digital Marketing promotions. Whether the marketing is online or offline, in every case one has to develop customer segmentation. The techniques used in any of marketing includes choosing target markets through market analysis and market segmentation and its influence on consumer behavior.


It’s not a rocket science, one can easily learn the whole of marketing concepts through various sources like online and offline studies, various teaching institutes and classes in Pune City, diploma and degree courses with expert faculties and Gurus of marketing and enter the world of marketing.



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