The previous evening I saw my nephew Ayaan completing his homework and other pending undertakings around 7 pm. I was so surprised taking a gander at him that the person, who never finished his homework late night, was so quick to get free at the earliest opportunity. I asked her mom what was the reason? She let me know that Ayaan is completing his assignments in order to watch a TV appear on Sony Channel – “Super Dancers” uninterruptedly. Her mom put this condition in the event that you need to watch it, first complete your homework.

I was so surprised about his craze for Dance. He also practices different moves like flip, cartwheel which he imitates from the Dance shows and internet. I wondered, where the generation have moved on!

Even my hobby was Dance, so I used to take part in school activities and somewhere in college too. But I didn’t took it to make it a passion because of career. Present generation does not bothers about the careers in education sector only. There are numerous options available now like Dancing, cooking, Martial Arts, Sports etc.

Career in Dancing can lead one to national and International levels, we can see numerous choreographers  belonging to small towns and territories. Saroj Khan, Shiamak Davar, Remo Fernandis are such a renowned Dancers in the Indian Film Industry performing the different Dance forms such as Hip Hop, Salsa, Garba, Western Dance, Free Style, Bharatnatyam, Folk Dance etc.

But Dancing does not always leads to positive approach. So many dancers we see dancing on the stage behind the stars are carried away by different negative situations. While some dancers face body problems like back pain, slip disk, peeling of toes and heels, hairline fractures or major ones and many more of such kind.

Dancing can be a necessity sometimes, but it comes right when it is from within. Right guidance and training is also needed to give one the correct path. The people in Pune City are blessed with a platform i.e. ClassBoat, a hub of classes, which helps in choosing the right one.


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